10+ Dietitian-Approved Dessert Recipes for Thanksgiving

by admin

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. What I love the most is that people get to share a delicious meal with their loved ones and reflect on things they’re grateful for. The holidays are not a time to worry about the foods you’re eating, and there are several ways to enjoy all the foods you love (including dessert!) while aligning with your health goals. These are some of my seasonal favorites that help round out the big day with something sweet. If you like the ever-controversial pumpkin pie, you’ll love our Brown Butter Sweet Potato Pie and our Coconut-Rum Pumpkin Pie (which I’m planning to make this year). If that’s not your style, try something more unique like our Cranberry Crumble Bars or Fried Apple Pie Rolls. Recipes like our Pumpkin Cheesecake for Two and Caramelized Spiced Pears can even be scaled down to one or two servings if you’re having a smaller celebration. Plus, many of these recipes can be made in advance so that you can  save oven space on that day. Whatever foods make it to your table next Thursday, I hope some of these recipes can help you have a happy start to the holiday season. For more budget- and beginner-friendly cooking tips and tricks, check out Thrifty.

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