5 Delicious Indo-Chinese Non-Veg Snacks To Try Over The Weekend

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Besides Indian food, if there is one cuisine that has the hearts of foodies across the country, it is Indo-Chinese cuisine. It takes the best of Indian flavours and adds a spicy twist to classic Chinese dishes, making it more suitable to the Indian palate. These dishes are oozing with tantalising flavours, and you can easily find these popular dishes on every restaurant menu and even on the streets! And if you’re someone who’s a non-vegetarian, you’ll find plenty of mouth-watering snacks to choose from. We have curated a list of 5 Indo-Chinese non-vegetarian snacks that are ideal for weekend indulgence. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the list. 

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Here Are 5 Indo-Chinese Non-Veg Snacks You Must Try:

1. Schezwan Chilli Chicken (Our Recommendation)

If you’re someone who loves spicy food, then you’ll absolutely love this recipe! The spicy and tangy flavour of schezwan sauce is what gives this dish its distinct taste. Treat yourself with this lip-smacking appetiser in the cold evening. Click here for the recipe of Schezwan Chilli Chicken.

2. Chicken Spring Roll

Spring rolls are one of our all-time favourite snacks. These chicken spring rolls are juicy from the inside and crunchy on the outside. And the best part is that you can make this yummy snack in just under 30 minutes! Click here for the recipe of Chicken Spring Roll.


3. Chilli Garlic Prawns

If you love seafood, then this Indo-Chinese recipe is a must-try! Prawns are batter-fried and then cooked in a spicy and garlicky sauce. These chilli garlic prawns can be served as a party snack or as a dinner, with fried rice or Hakka noodles. Click here for the recipe of Chilli Garlic Prawns.


4. Salt And Pepper Chicken

This delicious snack not only has salt and pepper, but is filled with vibrant flavours, thanks to the use of a variety of spices. Serve hot garnished with spring onion greens. It can be enjoyed as a snack and as the main course. Click here for the recipe of Salt And Pepper Chicken.

5. Chilli Garlic Fish

Basa fish is marinated in a blend of flavourful spices and grilled to perfection. This chilli garlic fish makes for a delicious starter to serve at a dinner party. Click here for the recipe of Chilli Garlic Fish.

Try out these delicious snack recipes over the weekend and tell us which one was your favourite in the comments below. 

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