A great way to cut out meat every week

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Do you follow a vegetarian diet? Have you been baking way too much sourdough bread and growing your own vegetables? Fresh sourdough already has a soft spot in our hearts too and so do mushrooms. We brought together our favourite ingredients to bring you a dish that you can enjoy any time of day. This stack of buttons on toast is a great combo of button mushrooms, fresh parsley and butter beans for a perfect meal.

Vegetarian buttons & beans on toast

We know that mushrooms have great vitamins and dietary fibre. Butter beans taste fantastic and are loaded with proteins which you need to give your muscles their strength. If you’ve been baking sourdough bread, you’ll want some thick slices of fried bread to crown with your buttery, beautifully flavoured mushrooms and beans with toasted breadcrumbs. It’s great for your daily lung, dinner and you can easily prepare in advance and just fry your bread for a quick breakfast before starting your day.

If you are a vegetarian or just trying to cut down on meat during the week, our vegetarian buttons & beans on toast is a great addition to your home menu.

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