A vegan dessert with deliciously sweet notes

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Winter is almost upon us and it is not uncommon to crave some sweetness. If you love vegan food, you will enjoy this double chocolate baked oats as it is 100% vegan. All ingredients in this recipe have been adjusted to make it suitable for anyone following a vegan or vegetarian diet.

This recipe makes use of oat flour instead of the regular flour which is usually used for baking. Oat flour makes this recipe healthier than it would have been with another flour.

The benefits of enjoying this double chocolate baked oats

It is no secret that oatmeal contains so much goodness and is excellent for your health. Below you will find a few reasons why we are so much in favour of oat flour:

Oat flour will give you a feeling of satisfaction and a sense of feeling full for longer. This is just what we need on an action-packed day.

Oatmeal furthermore reduces your risk of developing heart disease. It lowers bad cholesterol and can help to manage diabetes. Oat flour also helps to control your blood pressure.

With so many healthy reasons to consume more oat flour, make sure you save this recipe and start baking!

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