Best Vegan Chocolate Cake – How to Make Vegan Chocolate Cake

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Everyone deserves a cake on their birthday, and this one is great for chocolate lovers, vegan or not. Thanks to a couple of smart swaps and a special ingredient or two, we bet you might not even be able to guess this chocolate cake is completely egg- and dairy-free (meaning it’s perfect for when you’re low on ingredients too). Read on to find out what makes this cake SO good.

Chocolate cakes should be moist (apologies for the word, but it’s true!), and this one delivers. We used oil as a fat substitute, and intensified the chocolate flavor by adding coffee and espresso to the batter. If you’re not a margarine or butter alternative fan, you can serve this cake sans frosting—it’s celebratory enough on its own. If you do make our frosting, know this: Butter substitutes can vary in water content, so if you find your frosting is too thick, feel free to add a little non-dairy milk, one tablespoon at a time to get it to a spreadable consistency.

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