Humane LI To Dole Out 500 Vegan Meals In Huntington At Food Share

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The food share is scheduled for 8:15 p.m. at the intersection of Fairground Avenue and East 6th Street. The event runs every Tuesday regardless of the weather.

People can get fruits, veggies, bread, prepared meals, frozen foods, desserts and hot vegan meals. The food share group also shares clothing, toys, books, toiletries, seeds, plants, flowers, school/educational supplies, information and other essentials.

Humane Long Island has rescued four domestic turkeys from slaughter, said the organization’s president, John Di Leonardo. His group plans to distribute 1,000 vegan meals to the New York City and Long Island communities on Thanksgiving week.

“This Thanksgiving, Humane Long Island is giving thanks by rescuing turkeys from slaughter and donating 1,000 vegan meals to our Long Island and New York City communities,” Di Leonardo said. “With avian flu killing off 6 million turkeys nationwide, which is nearly 14% of US production, and news now breaking that nearly 40 New York City and Long Island (Hempstead and Holbrook) live slaughter markets have been shut down this week due to yet another outbreak of this deadly disease, it has never been a better time to help animals and your health by taking animals off your plate!”

People interested in attending the food share in Huntington can bring a few bags to be filled up.

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