Marcus Samuelsson’s New Restaurant Champions Diverse Producers And Sustainability

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When asked about his sustainability initiatives at Hav & Mar, Samuelsson explained how his Scandinavian upbringing makes a lot of sustainable applications just standard practice. There is always room for improvement, though, and he told us some of the ways he is upping the ante.

“Coming from Scandinavia, we were recycling from the ’80s,” Samuelsson said. “It’s been part of our lifestyle for a long time. I think about sustainability from many different aspects … Sustainability could be very seasonal, but also the carbon footprint, working with farmers and people from the northeast and thinking about the carbon footprint and how the ingredients get to us.”

“How do we recycle?,” he said. “If we have an ingredient, can we use it as a cocktail? Can we ferment it? How is that total cycle when the ingredients get to our restaurant? How do we recycle it into a cocktail, into a sauce, into the fermentation process?” [We also think about] portion size, sticking to three to four ounces of animal protein, also thinking about vegetarian. It’s definitely a vegetarian-forward restaurant without being a vegetarian restaurant, 100%.”

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