Try This Yummy Palak Patta Chaat Recipe On Your Vegan Diet

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Veganism is the latest trend that has created a buzz across the globe. Over the years, we have seen more and more people adapting veganism due to health and environmental reasons. So much so that you will find every café and restaurant today having vegan dishes on their menu to serve the ones following a plant-based diet. That’s not all. Internet is also loaded with a pool of vegan recipes that you can easily replicate at home. We recently came across one such classic recipe that tugged at our heartstrings instantly. And it’s the winter special palak patta chaat, with a vegan twist to it.

During the winter season, you will find every chaat corner selling palak patta chaat that features crispy spinach crackers, topped with chutney, dahi and more. But as we all know, the ones with vegan diet can’t consume milk or any milk-based products. Hence, this vegan alternative replaces dahi with chaat masala and simple mango chutney. It doesn’t end here. The dish is gluten-free as well, courtesy the gram and corn flour that are used to fry the spinach crackers. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? So, without further ado, let’s dive into the recipe.

How To Make Vegan Palak Patta Chaat At Home I Vegan Palak Patta Chaat Recipe:

Start with removing the stalks of spinach and shredding it in medium size. Keep aside. Now prepare a batter of thick consistency with gram flour, corn flour, crushed coriander seeds, ajwain, haldi and chilli powder. Add salt at the end.

Now make small marble-size balls with the thick batter and then fry. Take them out from the oil, leave them for some time and then fry again to make them super crisp. Now, dip spinach into thin besan batter and fry.

Finally, it’s time to assemble the chaat. Toss the fried balls with raw mango chutney and black chaat masala in a bowl. Plate it, sandwiching the dumplings in between the leaves, garnish with silver or gold varq.

And you have the delicious vegan palak patta chaat to relish. Click here for the detailed recipe.

Try this dish today and enjoy a guilt-free snack to the fullest!

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