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Vegan Latticed Raspberry Bakewell

Create your own delicious vegan raspberry bakewell with this indulgent recipe. It’s the perfect combination of a sweet and gooey filling in a crispy pastry tart.

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Traditional frangipane uses eggs and butter, but this plant-based version recreates the texture and flavour of a Bakewell tart using vegan ingredients.


What is frangipane?

This sweet, almond-flavoured custard is a key ingredient of the Bakewell tart and is traditionally made with butter, eggs, flour, sugar and ground almonds.

Butter made from cow’s milk is so easily replaced with shop-bought vegan alternatives, but eggs can be more tricky. However, there is a huge array of egg substitutes that can be used in vegan baking.


Can I use apple cider vinegar to replace eggs?

This deliciously sweet tart uses apple cider vinegar to replace eggs – but how does this work? Well, apple cider vinegar helps to activate baking soda and causes a sponge or tart to rise. It also adds a slight tang that improves the depth of flavour.

Tip: You can easily change the flavour of this tart by using a different type of jam. Cherry would work particularly well, especially if you’re a fan of Mr Kipling’s Cherry Bakewells!

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