Vegan Mother Explains Why She Makes Her Daughters Pay For Any Non-Vegan Options They Want For Meals

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When raising children, we must come to the realization that they are going to grow into their own people and establish their own identities. This means that they may make different choices than their parents and that is okay. 

One mother is learning this as her daughters are growing older and are straying from some of the dietary restrictions that were imposed on them since birth.

Together, the mother and daughters have agreed on a reasonable compromise to make everyone happy and comfortable. 

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The mother is vegan and makes her daughters pay for any meat and dairy products they want using their allowance money. 

Since 2011, 41-year-old Luana Ribeira has been following a strict vegan diet. The Welsh mother-of-two also introduced her children, 13-year-old Seren and 12-year-old Ellie to the same diet and they have stuck to it for most of their lives.

However, as the girls are growing older, they have expressed the desire to expand their diet, incorporating non-vegan options into it. 

Ribeira was initially conflicted about their decision. “Being vegan is hugely important to me and it was a struggle coming to terms with the fact that my daughters didn’t want to be vegan anymore,” the mother told Newsweek. 

Although, she quickly came to terms with the fact that her daughters had the right to make decisions about their own bodies, which included eating a diet they believed was ideal for them. 

“It was a case of them suddenly being surrounded by other kids who aren’t vegan at school and feeling like they were missing out. I was gutted and so confused as they had been so passionate about before,” Ribeira explains. 

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