Weekend Special: 5 Paneer Stuffed Snack Recipes That Spell Indulgence

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The coming of Friday brings in the excitement of the upcoming weekend! We all love the sweet bliss of a work-free day and look forward to the much-needed break from our busy schedules. While we all have our own way to spend the weekend, there is one thing we all can agree on, the weekends are when we indulge in all our food cravings. For vegetarians, paneer is the ultimate weekend indulgence, and it is why we tend to eat a lot of paneer-based snacks like paneer tikka, chilli paneer and more. But eating these snacks every weekend can get a little mundane! That is why, we have shortlisted the recipes of delicious snacks that come with a paneer twist, allowing you to indulge in paneer in five unique ways.

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5 Paneer Stuffed Snacks Ideal For Weekend Indulgence

1.Tandoori Nazakat Aloo

If you love potatoes and paneer, then this is the dish for you! Tandoori nazakat aloo is a paneer stuffed potato snack that is marinated in tandoori masala. This snack is very easy to make and shall be a vegetarian delight, with the crispiness on the outside and yumminess on the inside!

Please click here for the full recipe of Tandoori Nazakat Aloo.

2.Paneer Samosa

Our love for samosa has helped us find a unique samosa recipe that has the delicious filling of paneer. This paneer samosa recipe is the ideal combination of two of the most beloved foods in the country. Try out these paneer samosas the next time you prepare your evening tea.

Please click here for the full recipe for Paneer Samosa.

3.Stuffed Paneer Capsicum

These deseeded capsicums stuffed with cottage cheese are grilled; if you want, you can bake them too. The stuffing made with scrambled paneer, chopped onions, lemon juice, cumin powder, salt, olive oil and red chilli powder is a delectable medley of flavours and health.

Please click here for the full recipe for Stuffed Paneer Capsicum.


4.Paneer Tacos

If you are looking for an Indo-Mexican recipe, this paneer taco is a must-try! Spicy, tangy and creamy, it is sure to dazzle your taste buds in no time. The best part about this taco is that it tastes delicious and the desi flavours will be enjoyed by everyone in the family!

Please click here for the full recipe for Paneer Tacos.

5.Stuffed Papad

For paneer lovers, this papad is a treat! Sauté onions, cumin seeds, chilli, tomato, carrot and spices. Add shredded paneer to it. Squeeze lemon juice and stuff this mixture into the papad. Fry and serve fresh from the pan.

Please click here for the full recipe for Stuffed Papad.

Try out these paneer stuffed snacks and let us know which one is your favourite in the comments section below!

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