What Is Napa Cabbage And How Do You Eat It?

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Napa cabbage is most commonly associated with kimchi. This fermented Korean side dish is often eaten by itself as a side dish, but it’s also used on sandwiches or mixed into other dishes. But don’t be fooled — Napa cabbage is anything but a one-trick pony.

There are plenty of interesting ways to cook with cabbage, and that includes napa cabbage. The leafy vegetable is versatile in that it can be stewed or cooked in soups while still maintaining a crunch. Add it to stir-fry for a nutritious green element. Slice them into steaks and drizzle with your favorite sauce before roasting for a unique vegetarian entree. Finely chop it and incorporate the crisp ingredient in your favorite salad. Or, keep it simple by wrapping your favorite fillings in the cup-shaped leaves.

Napa cabbage, which Kitchen Stories notes is most commonly found in East Asian cuisine, has the potential to be used in many different types of cuisines. It also comes in handy when you need to prepare something in a hurry. Cabbage cooks up quickly in a hot pan; roughly 3-5 minutes will give you a “nice caramelization,” which Kitchen Stories says will go well with the vegetable’s already crispy nature.

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