Whether you’re planning to leave a handful of

Oreos out for Santa or you’re arranging a cookie grazing board to enjoy with friends, one thing is clear: cookies are an essential part of the holidays. But have you ever wondered what the most popular holiday cookies are? Specifically in your state?

Well, to quell our curiosity, Google Trends has put together a map that shows the most-searched Christmas cookies in every state.


Google Trends

We didn’t think there’d be many surprises when it comes to Christmas cookies, but we were wrong. We were particularly shocked at the popularity of Italian Christmas cookies.

If you’re curious, Italian Christmas cookies are fairly similar to sugar cookies in appearance and taste. This sweet treat was the most searched Christmas cookie in a number of states, including Texas, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Wyoming, and Pennsylvania.

There also appears to be quite a lot of peanut butter loves across the country. Peanut butter blossoms reigned supreme in North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Ohio.

Google’s map also has us eager to take a last-minute holiday trip to Kansas, Illinois, or Kentucky, the states where red velvet cookies were the most popular. You can’t help but respect a state when their favorite cookie is two desserts combined into one.

On the other hand, we would ask the state of Alabama to explain themselves over their fruitcake cookies, but since it is the holiday season we’ll let it slide this time.

Lastly, we were disappointed to see no love for good ol’ fashioned chocolate chip cookies.