15 Crucial Gadgets Every Home Cook Needs

I’m no stranger to setting up a kitchen from scratch. I’m a semi-nomadic home cook who has lived in no less than 30 homes since childhood. And each time I unpack my boxes of cookbooks, I survey the scene. Every kitchen I’ve had is always different from the one before, with its own capabilities and setbacks (narrow galleys with roommates, no windows to let out smoke from burnt toast, a large eating nook that was mostly used for doing 1000-piece puzzles).

And that’s not to mention all the gear I’ve needed to fill it: the ovens that are always too friskily hot and must be dealt with like a riddle-spitting bridge troll; the hand-me-down knives too dull to cut through tomatoes; the blenders that helped me cut some late-night corners (I once ran out of flour for a Guinness chocolate cake so I made my own “flour” by putting oats into a blender. It worked!). The many bargain food processors ruined while making hummus in overheated summer kitchens.

Many kitchen misadventures later, there are some tools I’d want to bring with me to the afterlife, like an ancient Pharaoh. The knives that are so good they turn me into a real-life version of the Fruit Ninja game, the rolling pin for making pasta that outshines any fancy stand-mixer attachment, and the immersion blender I’d grab first if I needed to escape a natural disaster.

I grew up in kitchens, you could say. My mom has been a server for much of my life, and I’d spend many afternoons bonding with dishwashers, chefs who slipped me sandwiches, and bakers who’d give me bread dough to play with until my mom was done working. Now, as a food writer who has waited tables, pulled espresso shots at cafes, and slung drinks behind bars, I know how important getting a kitchen together is. It’s one of your home’s most crucial rooms, no matter if you’re a microwave-only college student, a newlywed (or newly single), or someone needing more accessible items to cook and feed yourself.

At the end of the day, your kitchen has to make sense for your life. Kitchens are highly aspirational, yet slightly daunting, spaces. In a time where shows like Top Chef and The Great British Bake Off showcase the latest cooking equipment, it’s hard not to feel at a loss for all the tools you feel you should have in your arsenal. There’s a reason so many people ask for high-end stand mixers and Dutch ovens as wedding gifts: we want our kitchens to be full of nice stuff we can’t always afford.

Every time you set up a new kitchen, more than any other room, you’re creating the life you want to have; a space for wine-soaked book club meetings, birthday parties, movie nights, potlucks, and visits from unexpected guests. So without further ado, here’s all the kitchen gear you need (plus some items that are nice to have). Let this be your kitchen-outfitting guide, whether you wash your arugula in the bathtub before a dinner party like Laurie Colwin famously did in Home Cooking, write from the kitchen sink like Dodie Smith’s Cassandra in I Capture the Castle, or live like Julia Child, who famously said, “I think every woman should have a blowtorch.”

1 immersion blender

KitchenAid: I am solidly Team Stick Blender. Sure, a countertop blender has many beautiful capabilities, but this KitchenAid stick blender is a magic wand in itself, with a super strong steel blade that’ll blend/whip/puree your soups/midnight margaritas/smoothie bowls. It’s way easier to clean, and is ideal for smaller spaces if you’re feeling commitment-phobic when browsing all the hulking blenders out there.

Breville: Anything a big blender can do, the Breville immersion blender can do better. Can your blender whip cream, chop herbs, nuts, and cheese, all while being whisper-quiet? I’m going to guess that it, in fact, cannot. Team Stick Blender for life!

emulsion blender kitchen aid

KitchenAid Hand Blender
emulsion blender breville

Breville Immersion Blender
2 coffee maker

Moka Pot: While it might be tempting to spring for a big fancy espresso machine, you can save yourself the clams and just buy this iconic Italian coffee pot instead. This stovetop espresso maker is for anyone who likes their coffee like rocket fuel. I’ve even found that this percolator even makes sub-par coffee taste like you just sidled up at an Italian coffee bar. Plus it’s just so darn cute.

Bodum French Press: No matter how you take your morning coffee, a French press (especially Bodum’s) is a Swiss army knife. It brews hot coffee that’s a big upgrade over your basic drip, resulting in a full-bodied brew since it doesn’t brew through a paper filter. Fun fact, you can also use it for brewing tea, cold brew, and sangria.

coffee maker moka pot

Bialetti Moka Pot
coffee maker french press

Bodum Brazil French Press
3 sheet pans

Nordic Ware: We’ve all likely held on to a nasty old sheet pan, all sad and warped and haunted by many Baked Goods of Yore. Nordic Ware’s sheet pans, as far as I’m concerned, are my favorites for avoiding this fate. These aluminum pans are naturally rust proof, and the reinforced steel rim adds structure. Your evenly-cooked sheet-pan dinners and cookies have never looked better.

Caraway: Nothing’s worse than trying to unstick cookies from a sheet pan, and you can thankfully avoid this nightmare with a Caraway sheet pan. With a durable, non-stick ceramic coating that ensures even baking (without all the typical chemicals used by traditional non-stick cookware), the Caraway is an Instagram-viral pan that’s worth the hype.

sheet pans nordic ware

Nordic Ware Half Sheet Pan
sheet pans caraway

Caraway Non-Stick Ceramic Baking Sheet
4 box grater

OXO Good Grips: As you’ll soon find out, I’m a big OXO girly. There are few kitchen tools that the brand hasn’t made even better, and that absolutely starts with their box grater. With four distinct sides that feature a different surface (medium grater, coarse grater, slicer, and handy little removable zester) plus a measuring container that stores inside the grater itself, this is the smartest purchase you can make for your kitchen.

Cuisinart: Style and function are so lovely when they come together, and that’s absolutely the case for the easy-grip Cuisinart box grater. If you, like me, are always a bit nervous about grating your fingers, this box grater has a non-slip base that doesn’t go anywhere you wouldn’t want it to go. This multi-sided grater is a buy-it-for-life gem.

box grater oxo

OXO Good Grips Etched Box Grater
box grater cuisinart

Cuisinart Boxed Grater
5 digital thermometer

Thermoworks: A digital thermometer might seem like something reserved for pro chefs, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s one of those tools that will immediately give you an added boost of confidence and expand your kitchen knowledge. Especially for trickier cuts of meat (like chicken or large roasts), the Thermopop digital thermometer will save you many dinner-related heartaches (and stomachaches!) by quickly and accurately reading out temperatures (from -58 F to 572 F, in fact).

Lavatools: Like the Thermopop, the budget-friendly digital meat thermometer from Lavatools isn’t just for meat. It’s also super accurate for detecting the temperature of liquids, fryers, bread, chocolate, yogurt, and cheese. With a handy built-in magnet and lanyard loop, this thermometer will quickly become the most seamless extension of your kitchen tool box.

digital thermometer thermoworks

ThermoPop Digital Thermometer
digital thermometer lavatools

Lavatools Digital Thermometer
6 cutting board

OXO Good Grips: Much like their box grater, OXO’s cutting boards with non-slip feet are not going anywhere. I cannot get over just how brilliant these cutting boards are. With two usable sides (that are non-porous so no worry about smells or dulling knife blades), OXO’s plastic cutting boards are built to last and perfect for cutting vegetables and fruits. Plus, each board has integrated drip-catchers and easy-pour corners that help minimize messes.

Hasegawa: If you’re in a household of meat-eaters, having a separate cutting board, especially one made of wood or with a wood core like Hasegawa’s, will be key in your kitchen, since wood is gentler on knives and has natural anti-microbial properties. What’s really impressive about the Hasegawa board is how the rubber layers cushion and absorb the blows of your knife while preserving its sharpness. The Hasegawa boards are ultra-functional, dishwasher safe, and bleach safe, meaning they’re great for those nights when you’re feeling a bit too lazy to do any hand-washing after dinner (been there!).

cutting board oxo

OXO Good Grips Cutting Board

Hasegawa Cutting Board
7 one really good chef’s knife

Hedley & Bennett: A streamlined kitchen is a happy kitchen, because sometimes you just want the necessities and nothing else. In that case, the Hedley & Bennett Chef’s Knife Trio (which contains a chef’s knife, utility knife, and a bread knife) is the Charlie’s Angels of knives, so to speak, no bulky knife set needed. The Hedley & Bennett team shadowed pro chefs to craft these ultra-light, dual-sided knives made of Japanese and German steel. What do I love most about these knives other than their adorable color options? How the spine of the knife is rounded, meaning you can chop and chop without getting calluses or blisters.

New West Knife Works: I joke about this, but it’s so true: I don’t have a personality anymore because I replaced it with my New West Knife Works chef’s knife. I can’t sing its praises enough. This knife single-handedly convinced me that I could replace all my knives with this one knife. It’s light, nimble, sharp, yet nowhere near intimidating or bulky like so many other chef’s knives out there. When I use it, it really just feels like an extension of me.

chefs knife hedley and bennet

Hedley and Bennet Chef’s Knife Trio
new west knife works chefs knife

New West Knife Works 8″ Chef Knife
8 cast iron skillet

Lodge: Cast-iron skillets have devoted fans for a reason, and Lodge is certainly the name you’re going to hear from devotees everywhere. A go-to pan for camping, stove-tops, and ovens, Lodge’s cast-iron skillet only gets better with time (and a little bacon grease), since the naturally seasoned iron has no synthetic coatings or chemicals to take away from whatever you’re cooking. This skillet has some of the best heat-retention of them all, with even heating across the pan that makes it my favorite when I’m pan-frying or roasting really anything.

Victoria: Much like the Lodge skillet, Victoria’s versatile cast-iron skillet is an ultra-durable pan you’re going to want to devote stovetop space to. With curved sides that allow for top-notch heat retention, a pour spout making it easy to drain off grease, and an added handle for easy maneuvering, Victoria’s lightweight skillet is a great choice for when you want to add to your cast-iron skillet collection.

lodge cast iron skillet

Lodge Cast-Iron Skillet
victoria cast iron skillet

Victoria Cast-Iron Skillet
9 casserole dishes

Pyrex: A casserole baking dish that doubles as food storage is the ultimate BOGO deal, and Pyrex is the household name for a reason. Affordable, durable, and now with ultra-deep sides (meaning way more room for way more dips), the Pyrex Deep baking set is the kind of casserole dish you’ll never want to leave at the potluck by accident.

Staub: If you’ll forgive me just one pun, Team Delish can’t Staub obsessing over Staub’s casserole dishes. Form, function, and style are all at the party when Staub is involved. These rustic stoneware dishes not only make a lasagna look like a work of art, but hold heat exceptionally well.

pyrex casserole dishes

Pyrex Casserole Dishes
staub casserole dishes

Staub Casserole Dishes
10 mixing bowls

OXO Good Grips: Once again, OXO Good Grips really hits it out of the park, this time with their mixing bowl set. While it might seem like any odd bowl could be a mixing bowl, this set will convince you otherwise. With non-skid bottoms that stay in place as you mix, a handy pour spout ideal for mixing up batters, and sidewalls that make for a splatter-proof experience when used with an electric mixer, OXO’s mixing bowls are pretty and pretty smart.

Cuisinart: If you’re a Stainless-Steel-Everything kind of person, you can’t do any better than Cuisinart’s mixing bowls with a non-slip base. Durable, stylish, and dishwasher safe, these lightweight bowls come with a lifetime warranty, so you know they’re built for anything you mix in them.

oxo 3 piece mixing bowl set

OXO Good Grips 3-Piece Mixing Bowl Set
cuisinart 3 piece stainless steel mixing bowls

Cuisinart 3-Piece Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set
11 measuring cups

Pyrex: If you’re going to be a Star Baker, having an accurate way to measure liquids will do more than just prevent any “soggy bottoms.” Open the cupboard belonging to any member of Team Delish and you’re likely to find a familiar item: a Pyrex liquid measuring cup. With tempered glass (which makes it safe for use in the dishwasher, freezer, oven, and microwave), this measuring cup is the textbook definition of “essential.”

OXO Good Grips: OXO, time and time again, has made my kitchen all the more smart. Even measuring cups! Which don’t seem like they could need any improvements, but OXO did just that here with their measuring cup and spoon set. True to the genius of the brand, these cups and spoons have the ultimate upgrade: the magnets in the cups’ handles keep this set all together, meaning you’re way less likely to misplace that ⅓ cup (oops!).

pyrex 3 piece glass measuring cup set

Pyrex 3-Piece Glass Measuring Cup Set
oxo good grips measuring cups and spoons set

OXO Good Grips Measuring Cups and Spoons Set
12 tongs

All-Clad: Tongs, not gonna lie, make you feel like a real chef with just a click-clack of their tines. So it only makes sense to have a solid pair that’ll efficiently and securely help you serve your favorite tableside meals. The smooth, contoured stainless-steel handle makes these comfortable to grip at many angles, and the BPA-free nylon head is seriously heat-resistant (able to withstand temps up to 440 F), making it an excellent co-pilot for grilling.

OXO Good Grips: Using tongs with non-stick cookware can be a no-no, but these OXO tongs are a friend to even your most delicate pieces of cookware. The ultra-soft non-slip handle and high heat-resistant nylon heads also make it super easy to grip and hold onto food, whether you’re tossing salad, flipping steaks, or pan-roasting vegetables.

all clad precision nonstick tongs

All-Clad Precision Nonstick Tongs
oxo tongs

OXO Good Grips Tongs
13 pot and pan set

Calphalon: Picking out pots and pans, much like a set of knives, can be a headache, but spotting a brand name like Calphalon is always going to be an instant buy for me. Budget-friendly yet still durable (with a 10-year warranty), this 10-piece non-stick set is just the collection to get your first kitchen up and running. Best of all, these pots and pans all feature silicone handles that stay cool when used on a stove-top.

Made In: If you’re ready to graduate from your beginner pots and pans set, check out Made In’s stainless steel set. It’s an award-winner and chef favorite for a reason, with two frying pans, a sauce pan, and a stock pot, all constructed from five layers of metal for some seriously professional-level heat conduction. Plus, each piece features stay-cool handles and rolled rims, meaning you can easily pour without any spillage.

calphalon 10 piece pots and pans set

Calphalon 10-Piece Pots and Pans Set
made in pots and pans set

Made In Stainless Pots and Pans Set
14 food processor

Breville: If there’s anything I’ve learned as a home cook, it’s that you need a food processor. Particularly Breville’s, if you can, since it’s a friend to lazy cooks and food nerds alike who want expertly blended hummus, chopped vegetables, and grated cheeses, but without all the, you know, effort. What really makes the Breville so special is the especially wide feed chute, which basically eliminates any need to pre-cut ingredients before throwing them in..

KitchenAid: When it comes to precious countertop real estate, every appliance needs to earn its spot, and the KitchenAid mini food processor certainly warrants the (albeit small) space. This convenient food processor is just as powerfully precise as a full-size model, with two speeds and a pulsing option that’ll do anything from blending up a chimichurri to chopping up pico de gallo.

breville food processor

Breville Food Processor
kitchenaid food chopper

KitchenAid Food Chopper
15 multipurpose oven

Tovala: Sometimes a “nice-to-have” kitchen item becomes a “non-negotiable” item, and one example would be my handyTovala smart oven. What is a smart oven, you might be wondering? Well, as its name suggests, this is an oven with many talents, including air-frying, toasting, steaming, baking, and broiling. Tovala leaves other multi-purpose ovens in the dust because you can scan barcodes of your favorite store-bought (or Tovala-made) frozen meals and it instantly knows how to reheat it for you. Don’t you love the future?!

Our Place: As someone who grew up with an Easy-Bake Oven, the almost-too-cute-for-words Our Place Wonder Oven immediately caused me to turn into a puddle. The shrunken-down oven can do more than just roast a 4.5-pound chicken, too. It features options for air-frying, baking, roasting, toasting, broiling, and reheating, with plenty more room than you might find in an air-fryer or toaster oven alone. It also preheats 75 percent faster and cooks food 30 percent more quickly than a traditional oven; you just might wonder why it took you so long to get one.

tovala multipurpose oven

Tovala Smart Oven
our place multipurpose oven

Our Place Wonder Oven
Image no longer available
1 dutch oven

Le Creuset: I’ve long dreamt of inheriting a Le Creuset Dutch oven. But since that day has yet to come, I took it upon myself and just splurged on the Big Dog. Let me just say, these cookers have beauty and braun. You can task a Le Creuset with simmering soups, fall-off-the-bone tender roasts, frying chicken, and baking bread. With an enamel that’s both durable and dishwasher safe, this Dutch oven absolutely deserves long-term burner space.

Staub: What can’t Staub do? We’ve yet to find out. Their Dutch oven can withstand oven temperatures upwards of 900 F, has a cast-iron enamel coating that renders it stain-resistant, and is just the thing for searing all those dreamy roasts on your winter to-do list. Our favorite Delish-style math is as follows: Pot roast + Staub Dutch Oven = ten thousand heart eyes emoji.

le creuset dutch oven

Le Creuset Shallow Round Oven
staub essential french oven

Staub Essential French Oven
2 blow torch

Sondiko: Just like Julia Child said, everyone should have a blow torch. Sure, they’re not the most necessary item in your kitchen, but they certainly make a whole host of dishes way easier to make at home. Sondiko’s blow torch makes whipping up crème brûlée, fluffy Baked Alaskas, and seared steaks a breeze, especially if you tend to overdo it with your oven’s broiler right at the last minute (no shame). The torch also has a handy safety lock and easily adjustable flame modes, meaning you’re at a much lower risk of accidentally losing an eyebrow.

Jo Chef: If you’ve got a budding home chef ready to literally heat things up a bit, Jo Chef’s torch is the ultimate beginner-friendly option. With an easily refillable canister and intuitive adjustable flame levels (plus a fuel gauge window), this is our pick for toasting up breadcrumbs, searing fish, or recreating a Japanese yakitori experience at home.

sondiko butane torch

Sondiko Butane Torch
jo chef kitchen torch

Jo Chef Kitchen Torch
3 bench scraper

OXO Good Grips: Here’s a likely scenario: You have to chop something while baking but don’t feel like busting out your Big Fancy Knife. Luckily for you, if you have an OXO bench scraper, you already have the ultimate tool at your disposal. With a steel edge sharp enough to cut through cold butter, chop vegetables, or section off a delicate pie crust, the OXO bench scraper just might become the first tool you grab when you start cooking. Spoiler: it also doubles as a ruler, with handy quarter-inch markings that make it even easier to measure doughs and pie crusts.

Dexter Russell: If you think of yourself as a regular home baker, the Dexter Russell bench scraper will make your life a whole lot easier. Whether you’re scraping down baking sheets, dividing dough, or yes, even chopping up ingredients for when you decide to do something other than bake, it’s a lifesaver. This bench scraper really has everything going for it: Easy non-slip grip handle, super sharp German stainless scraper, and it can withstand high and low temperatures.

oxo stainless steel scraper

OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Scraper
dexter russell cutter scraper

Dexter-Russell Dough Cutter/Scraper
4 stand mixer

KitchenAid: A stand mixer is the ultimate “nice-to-have” item. Sure, many functions can be done by hand or with a hand mixer, but that certainly doesn’t make any Delish editors regret buying a KitchenAid, especially their counter space-friendly mini version. Simply put, the KitchenAid Mini (and its hefty motor) makes us feel pretty powerful, since it can efficiently mix up cookie dough, whip meringues, and knead pasta dough way more quickly and thoroughly than we can with elbow grease alone.

Wolf: For any of the home bakers who really want to increase their cookie/bread/cake-making output, may I introduce you to the Wolf stand mixer? This guy is a big investment, but the ultra-clever Wolf stand mixer has the features to back up its price: magnetic attachments (over locking attachments), more intuitive variable mixing speeds, and an ultra-powerful motor that makes this one of the best stand mixers you can buy.

kitchenaid stand mixer

KitchenAid Stand Mixer
wolf gourmet stand mixer

Wolf Gourmet Stand Mixer
5 silicone baking mats

Silpat: Maybe you don’t want to shell out for new sheet pans. I totally get it. But that doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to a future of stuck-on cookies—not when Silpat’s baking sheets will instantly make all your old sheet pans into a next-level non-stick surface. Made of food-grade silicone, Silpat won’t just keep your baked goods from sticking; they’ll also help with even heat distribution and browning and eliminate the need for using non-stick sprays, parchment paper, or grease.

GIR: If you’ve got your sights set on becoming a Star Baker, GIR (which stands for Get It Right) offers silicone mats that also double as measurement grids, so you know precisely where to cut rectangular shortbreads, and the exact amount of fondant for that cake. Heat-resistant with a platinum-silicone base, the GIR mat can also go straight from the prep counter into the oven!

silpat silicone baking mats

Silpat Silicone Baking Mats
gir silicone pastry mat

GIR Silicone Pastry Mat
6 mortar and pestle

Masienda: I spent some of my first stimulus check on a mortar and pestle, and I’ve never looked back. Now I’m telling everyone who will listen to treat themselves to a good M&P. Namely, Masienda’s multi-purpose molcajete, which will single-handedly stop you from buying store-bought guacamole. The fine-grained lava rock is the best vehicle for grinding up spices or preparing salsa, but I’m also pretty fond of just gazing at it lovingly as the work of art it is.

ChefSofi: If you’re thinking, “I don’t need a mortar and pestle,” I’m going to stop you right there. Don’t you enjoy freshly made guac? How about pesto? Or even chimichurri, chutney, and freshly ground ginger? I know you shook your head “yes” for at least one of those, meaning the ChefSofi mortar and pestle (which features a deep unpolished granite bowl to help keep you from the Splash Zone) is about to save you from a life of sub-par store-bought sauces and dips.

masienda mortar and pestle

Masienda Molcajete
chefsofi mortar and pestle

ChefSofi Mortar and Pestle
7 rolling pin

Farberware: As a big culinary tourist, I take a lot of pasta-making classes on vacation. The best tip I’ve learned? You don’t really need fancy equipment to make perfectly uniform pasta dough. You just need a good-quality rolling pin, and one of my favorites is this wooden one from Farberware. Much lighter than marble but still heavy duty, the Farberware rolling pin is durable, has a comfortable grip, and is generously wide enough so you can roll out pizza, cookie, and pasta dough with ease. Plus it’s made of high-quality rosewood, so it’s built to last and easy to clean.

J.K. Adams: While it might look very unsuspecting, the J.K. Adams rolling pin is the do-it-all tool you never knew you needed. This French-style tapered maplewood dowel rolling pin is the ideal choice for all the minimalist bakers out there. It has an ultra-light construction with a slightly textured surface that holds a dusting of flour far better than other rolling pins, giving you a truly non-stick rolling experience.

farberware rolling pin

Farberware Classic Wood Rolling Pin
jk adams rolling pin

J.K. Adams French Dowel Rolling Pin
8 grill pan

Staub: Come grilling season, I often wonder if I should just buy a grill already. If that sounds like you, you can save yourself the porch space and the money by just investing in a solid grill pan. Staub makes one of the best out there, especially if you’re grilling for a smaller crowd. Their enameled cast-iron grill pan transfers heat way more evenly than traditional grills, while the high ridges will ensure the perfect grill marks on your kebabs, steaks, or sweet treats like pineapple and pound cake.

Lodge: Got a larger crowd coming by? Lodge’s double-burner grill and griddle is about to convince you don’t need to make room for a big grill. With the classic pre-seasoned cast iron that makes for even heat retention, this grill pan is also great for breaking out for weekend breakfasts when you want to fry up eggs, pancakes, and bacon all on the same pan.

staub cast iron grill

Staub Cast-Iron Grill Pan
seasoned cast iron grill griddle

Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle
8 mandoline slicer

OXO Good Grips: If slicing things perfectly even with a knife is a skill you’ve yet to acquire (thinking of myself here), you need this mandoline slicer. The non-slip knob handle and foot allows you to safely slice over a bowl, plate, or cutting board, and you can adjust the mandoline to slice three different thicknesses. The OXO is also incredibly lightweight and doesn’t have the bulk of more expensive mandolines, meaning it’s even more of a no-brainer to break yours out the next time you’re slicing up apples, sweet potatoes, and even meat.

Kyocera: A Delish Test Kitchen favorite, the Kyocera mandoline slicer features a ceramic blade that is ten times sharper than stainless steel blades and will keep your sliced vegetables and fruits from browning. Not convinced yet? The Kyocera can slice potatoes into paper-thin sheets, meaning the crispiest-ever homemade potato chips could be in your very near future.

oxo mandoline slicer

OXO Good Grips Mandoline Slicer
kyocera mandoline slicer

Kyocera Mandoline Slicer
10 pizza stone

FibraMent-D: While the idea of shelling out for a devoted pizza oven is a dream, you likely only need a pizza stone if you’re just making the occasional pie. I’d be hard pressed to find anything that beats the FibraMent-D pizza stone, which makes pizza crisp up like no other and can be used for bread and cookies, too. Best of all, the stone will never need to be washed; just simply wipe off any spillage and move on with your day.

Dough-Joe: I’m not sure what wizardry is at play here, but the Dough-Joe pizza steel will turn your regular oven into a wood-fired pizza baking machine. With a heat transfer rate 20 times faster than traditional pizza stones, this is the pizza baking steel for the pizza nerds out there. Want chewy, crispy crust in about six minutes fast? Get a pizza steel already.

fibrament d pizza stone

FibraMent-D Baking Stone
dough joe pizza steel baking sheet

Dough-Joe Samurai Pizza Steel Baking Sheet
a few more things to consider with shapes and food

What Will You Actually Use Your Kitchen For?

A kitchen is never one-size-fits-all—and I’m not just talking about the literal size of your home. Your kitchen and the tools you stock it with have to fit your lifestyle, too. Setting up your kitchen so it suits you is a veritable “Choose Your Own Adventure” novel. Maybe you’re more of a reheat-and-go kind of person. In which case, you’ll want to get a really great multi-cooker. Love an adventurous weekend project? A stand-mixer can help you tackle it. Perhaps you’re striving for the Host with the Most-level street cred? Just go ahead and copy paste all of the above to your cart, since your friends are about to shower you with praises for making them the best coffee/casserole/steak/cocktail of their lives.

Single People Should Be Able to Have Gift Registries for Kitchen Supplies

Let’s be real: Weddings are not the only major event in a person’s life that warrants a gift registry. So why do we only allow for the giving of household supplies when someone ties the knot? Make it make sense!

Of course, weddings do elicit a special sense of Grown-Up Gravitas that make them a good time to gift a toaster or blender. But! Weddings are very expensive, and oftentimes you’re merging two people together who already have the trappings for making a house into a home.

The wedding registry industrial complex greatly discounts the other major life transitions one can go through, like moving into your first home on your own, starting college later in life, or leaving an unhealthy relationship or living situation (perhaps at the last minute).

In this case, I’d like to propose the Life Registry, a sort of One-Time Coupon to cash in during the major life event of your choosing. Sure, many would cash this in on their actual wedding, and that’s fine. But for many others, weddings aren’t a priority (either due to finances, the state of the dating pool, or needing to take care of life’s many other responsibilities first). The rules are as follows: You only get to use the coupon once, meaning you politely decline a wedding registry at a later date if you do get married.

A Life Registry isn’t all about getting free things, either; it’s more like a chance for those who love you to know 1. You’d like some help celebrating a major milestone, or 2. Need some extra love during a challenging transition period. Of course, like any registry, the Life Registry can be ignored entirely, but it still lets those around you know Hey, here’s where I’m at right now, and that you’d like them to be part of it.

Should You Get That Instagram-Viral Pan?

Let’s just say, it depends. We by no means want to poo-poo any of the technicolor, candy-coated, adorable pots and pans you see all over Instagram and TikTok. But just because something is ever-present, ultra-popular, and yes, very cute, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s built to last, especially when pans from Instagrammable brands like Great Jones, Caraway, and Our Place can reach upwards of $180 bucks a pop.

That being said, some are better than others (our assistant food editor is a pretty big fan of Caraway). But how can you weed out the good from the bad? Here are a few things to consider:

  • When in doubt, consider that any pan that promises to do next to everything, likely won’t. She’s not Beyoncé. Stick to pans that promise good heat distribution, are oven-safe, and are easy to handle.
  • Ask yourself: Are you paying for the brand or the product? Perhaps you’re looking for something to complement your kitchen’s ~vibes~ rather than be a total workhorse. In that case, go off and get that cute strawberry-patterned pan! I won’t blame you.
  • Consider how you cook. Maybe you really just want an all-in-one pan because you live in a small space, or have an induction stove (which requires a particular set of cookware). Or you need a pan that’s accessible for someone with limited mobility. In which case, the right pan for you is the right pan for you, and heck, maybe you found it on Instagram.

Illustrations by Rocío Egío | Animations by Josh Walker | Design by Alison Dominguez | Art direction by Carlos Dominguez