Ah, the

grocery store. Whether you love walking through the aisles and grand displays of produce, or truly despise your weekly shopping trip, there are some unspoken rules of the supermarket.

Following our story on what you should never do at the drive-thru, we wanted to continue our quest toward a more courteous world. So naturally, we went to Reddit to find out what bothers people—employees and fellow shoppers—at the grocery store. Based on comments, we decided to come up these rules for shopping.

Here are seven things you should never do at the grocery store.

Leave Items Where They Don’t Belong—Especially Perishables

Maybe you put a box of cereal in your cart but don’t want it anymore. That doesn’t mean you should leave it on a shelf in the cosmetics aisle. It’s even worse if it’s a perishable item like milk or meat, which will spoil if not refrigerated. No one wants to pick up a gallon of melted ice cream left on a shelf.

Use An Express Lane When You Have Too Many Items

The express lanes are there for a reason—to speed things up for people with just a few items. If the items in your cart are over the limit, don’t use the express lane. You’ll appreciate it the next time you’re in a hurry.

Block Aisles With Your Cart

This should be a non-brainer but we see it all the time. Avoid leaving your cart in the middle of the aisle. It blocks other shoppers and stops the flow of traffic. Try to keep it pulled to one side.

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Leave Your Cart Unattended

Yes, maneuvering a shopping cart through a busy store isn’t always easy. But leaving your cart abandoned while you run off to grab an item (especially when you’re in the checkout line) just blocks other people from getting what they need.

Ask To Cut The Line Because You Only Have A Few Items

This is why there are express lanes. Perhaps someone will let you move ahead, but don’t ask to cut the line.

Eat Your Food Before Paying

Whether you open a bag of chips or snack on a few grapes, people have mixed feelings about eating while grocery shopping. Our take? It depends on what you’re munching on. Avoid bulk foods that need to be weighed or anything too messy.

Be Ill-Prepared At The Checkout

Maybe you’re fumbling for your wallet or coupons or even counting coins. No matter your method of payment, be ready when you enter the checkout lane. And try to save phone conversations for when you’re finished.