Airline food has been the butt of jokes for years, and people’s critiques aren’t entirely unfounded. Unless you’re spending thousands of dollars to sit in business class, you’re typically stuck with a glorified

TV dinner to hold you over. Want a decent snack? You’ll have to shell out $10 for $3 worth of artisanal chips. Want something that’s not served in a plastic tray? Better wait until you land.

Airplanes are not exactly a culinary destination, but we’d take literally any sad in-flight meal over whatever this man is making on TikTok. TikTok user @barfly7777 is known for unorthodox cooking videos, like cooking noodles in a coffee pot. In a video he posted a few days ago, he took his talents(?) to the skies and cooked a meal in an airplane bathroom.

Yes, you read that right. He made a meal in the bathroom sink on a Delta flight. The TikTok user brought a bag of frozen raw shrimp and instant mashed potatoes in his carry-on. His heating mechanism, he explains, involves some MacGuyver-esque wiring with a massive 6-volt battery.

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If the airplane bathroom wasn’t enough to make you queasy, don’t worry: it gets grosser. He not only uses his bare hands to cook everything, but he also uses the baby-changing station as his work surface. He also, apparently, thought to bring a full bag of frozen shrimp but forgot to pack a plate. So he ends up serving his unhinged in-flight snack in a Delta-branded vomit bag. He eats it with his hands in his seat. We feel sorry for his seatmate.

The video has racked up nearly a million views since it was uploaded a few days ago. And TikTok users are understandably outraged. One commenter wrote, “This is one of the most insane videos I’ve seen on this app.”

Many users raised a valid question about how exactly he managed to bring these materials onto a plane in the first place. “The fact you got all that passed the TSA is insane,” someone wrote. Another user added, “They take my 75ml bottle of pure vanilla extract but you’re allowed to bring a series of wired batteries and heating elements.”

How he got away with this unhinged cooking video is a mystery, but we’re going to be extra careful when we take a trip to the bathroom on our next flight.