There’s certainly no doubting that Costco’s

rotisserie chicken is a favorite among shoppers. Whether you love it or hate it (we see you, David Chang), the warehouse’s rotisserie chicken has remained a weeknight dinner staple for many. But a new video shows that some customers may have gone a bit too far to get their hands on the perfectly-seasoned poultry.

In a video uploaded to Reddit earlier this week, a large group of customers can be seen swarming a tray of rotisserie chickens that have just been rolled out. Within a matter of seconds, the tray that was once filled with nearly two dozen rotisserie chickens was emptied by customers.

“Everyone fighting for that chicken,” read text posted over the video.

People in the comments haven’t hesitated in sounding off with their thoughts on the Costco mayhem. Nearly 800 comments have been posted since the video was uploaded two days ago.

One user in particular recounted their time spent as a rotisserie chicken slinger.

“I worked in the rotisserie room for 2 years n this was a daily occurrence,” they revealed. “It gave me a burning hatred for old people. They would stare at me like a caged animal while I took out the loads sweating as I packed them as fast as I could despite the few chickens left in the case cuz they wanted a ‘fresh one.'”

For many, the second-hand embarrassment was almost too real.

“God damn, that’s embarrassing,” said one user.

“This whole video is cringe,” another added.