Baked Alaska

Here at Delish, baked Alaska has never gone out of style, and we’re committed to bringing this classic nostalgic dessert back. Basically a glorified

ice cream cake, this towering dessert will be the talk of any dinner party you serve it at (especially when you cut into it for the very first time—be prepared for ooh’s and aah’s). With a brownie base, three layers of ice cream, and homemade meringue, this dessert has something for everyone. While it may look overly complex, it really couldn’t be easier to make. We’ve included all the step-by-step instructions and tips you need to make this classic dessert—read down below for everything you need to know:

What is baked Alaska?
This nostalgic dessert has three components: a brownie base, (three!) ice cream layers, and meringue. It’s a baked dessert (yes, a baked dessert) that defies all logic. After baking and freezing the brownie base, pistachio, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream are layered on top before being topped with meringue. The final touch is to use a kitchen torch to torch the meringue to get that classic, signature look. 

How does the ice cream not melt in baked Alaska?
There are a couple of tricks here. First, we freeze our ice cream layers for at least four hours. Our ice cream layers need to be really frozen before attempting to cover with our meringue. The second reason the ice cream doesn’t melt? The thick meringue creates a barrier between our ice cream layers and the added heat from the blow torch. Our top tip? Don’t spend too long torching your meringue. While you want to achieve that toasty, torched look, you don’t want to risk melting your ice cream—don’t linger here. 

How to layer baked Alaska:
While the layers may look crazy, they really couldn’t be easier to create. First, you’ll spray a 3-quart bowl with cooking spray and line with plastic wrap before adding your pistachio ice cream first, then strawberry, and finally vanilla. Simply make sure your layers are as even as possible when you’re layering for the best possible presentation. Freeze your ice cream for at least four hours; while freezing, make the brownie layer. After letting your prepared brownies cool completely, you’ll layer it on top of your ice cream bowl before covering with plastic wrap and freezing again for at least an hour. The final step: top with meringue, make swirly peaks with a spoon, torch, and serve! 

If you manage to have any leftovers, wrap in plastic wrap and store in the freezer for around 1 week. 

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