When baking fresh loaves of

sourdough wasn’t enough to get us through the dark days of 2020, there was one gleaming beacon of light that kept us going: paparazzi photos of Ben Affleck. The actor-slash-filmmaker was extensively photographed that year, with new photos hitting social media one after the other.

Affleck was frequently spotted on walks around the neighborhood, cracking what appeared to be the funniest joke of all time, and even displaying cardboard cutouts of then-girlfriend Ana de Armas outside of his Los Angeles home.

But by far the most noteworthy images of 2020 were of Affleck fumbling his Dunkin’ order. The now iconic series of photos shows Affleck carrying a cardboard cup holder filled with large Dunkin’ iced coffees and a box of Munchkins while simultaneously trying to pick up a package.

Cue the Dunkin’ falling to the floor, Affleck locking eyes with paparazzi, then shuffling back home in embarrassment. Few images capture the energy of 2020 quite like this one:


Affleck, who’s arguably the most famous Dunkin’ fan in the country, has worked with the coffee and donut chain extensively in the past year. In early 2023, the actor sported a full Dunkin’ uniform—visor and all—and worked the drive-thru for a Super Bowl ad costarring his wife Jennifer Lopez.

This past September, ahead of the MTV Video Music Awards, Affleck joined rapper Ice Spice to promote her limited-edition Munchkins drink. But for his upcoming campaign, he’s giving us a 2020 throwback and replicating his iconic Dunkin’ fumble.

He was spotted on a commercial shoot on Wednesday carrying a precarious stack of donut boxes and iced coffee. And, just like the original 2020 blunder, the Dunkin’ order ends up on the ground.

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Costarring in this upcoming advertisement is Charli D’Amelio, TikTok personality and winner of Season 31 of Dancing With The Stars. If you don’t remember, D’Amelio revealed back in October that she was a “diehard” Dunkin’ fan—but didn’t know who Ben Affleck even was.

According to The New York Post, Affleck was wearing two shirts: a Boston Red Sox shirt and another with best friend Matt Damon’s face on the front. It’s unclear when this hilarious ad will end up on our screens, but there’s a good chance it may be aired ahead of the Super Bowl in February.