We’re only a few days into the new year, and the

Costco bakery has already outdone itself. Shortly after the bakery’s now-viral Banana Nut Bread popped up on shelves, they’ve welcomed yet another behemoth treat.

The latest sweet addition to the Costco bakery lineup is the Triple Chocolate Cream Pie. This monster weighs in at an impressive four pounds! The decadent pie costs $19.99, has a butter graham cracker crust, and is loaded with layers of fudge brownie, chocolate custard, and whipped cream.

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Laura of @costcohotfinds was one of the first to spot the Triple Chocolate Cream Pie, and the comments to her video are teeming with excitement. One commenter in particular should be applauded for immediately having the right idea.

“4 lbs is insane… I’ll take seven of them,” they declared.

Others were equally mesmerized by the pie that weighs as much as a small dumbbell.

“All I need is a fork and my fat pants,” said one person.

“Welp, I guess I’m stopping at Costco tomorrow,” another user added.

And it looks like we can confirm that those New Year’s resolutions are officially out the window.

“Why couldn’t they do this before the new year?!” read one comment.

Although four pounds of brownies, chocolate custard, and whipped cream certainly isn’t a bad thing, some people have suggested that Costco sell a smaller version or even offer slices of the pie.

“They need to sell those by the slice at the food court, if I buy that ima eat the whole 4 lbs in 2 days,” one person pointed out.