It wouldn’t be the holiday season without a cautionary tale about

gift cards. This story comes courtesy of a family who attempted to plan an epic Disney vacation with gift cards—but bought $10,000 in Disney+ gift cards on accident.

The intention was to use the gift cards to purchase theme park tickets, dinner reservations, and maybe the occasional Dole Whip or two. Only thing is, those Disney+ gift cards are only good for binge-watching The Mandalorian and catching up on that new Goosebump series, not visiting Magic Kingdom.

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TikTok user Andie Coston (@aofthecoast) detailed the entire ordeal in a video that has since gone viral. She explained that her parents, who were unfamiliar with the streaming service, purchased the Disney+ gift cards and were stumped when they were unable to load them and make any purchases. It was during a trip to her parent’s house that she made the discovery.

“Yup. We have 10K of Disney Plus streaming services. That’s over 70 years of Disney Plus…My Mom is distraught, Dad frustrated, and the kids worried we won’t get into Disney,” she explained.

At the end of the video, she did ask for help resolving the problem, and thankfully, the family was able to convert the Disney+ gift cards into Disney Parks gift cards with help from Disney.

“I am so glad we were able to get it resolved, especially for my parent’s sake. It was also good to hear that my parents are not the only ones who have experienced this,” Coston shared with People.