Whether you’re a

kid on the playground or a fully grown adult, you’re probably a fan of Goldfish. How can you not be? The snack that smiles back is crunchy, savory, and downright adorable. We love enjoying it on its own and even incorporating it into our recipes (the Original Goldfish make an appearance in our homemade Chex mix).

Since Pepperidge Farm introduced Goldfish to America in 1962, they’ve expanded their offerings to include a wide variety of flavors. There’s pretzel, Flavor Blasted, and even a Dunkin’ pumpkin spice graham! But the newest launch from Goldfish is the most exciting one yet: Goldfish Crisps.

Goldfish Crisps is the first-ever product in the brand’s history to be made with potato. This baked snack blends potato and wheat for a treat that’s lighter and airier than your standard Goldfish. They’re also larger than the OG, yet still come in the classic shape we know and love.

Goldfish Crips come in three flavors inspired by some of our favorite potato chip flavors: sour cream and onion, cheddar, and salt and vinegar. “With Crisps, we are combining the craveable qualities of chips with the iconic shape and always-baked deliciousness of Goldfish for a brand-new, irresistible and flavorful snack,” says Janda Lukin, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer of Campbell’s Snacks.

You can get your hands on Goldfish Crisps at retailers nationwide starting in the new year for $4.79. They’ll be sold right alongside the traditional Goldfish flavors, so you won’t need to go out of your way to get them.