While we’re still reeling from

Jason Kelce’s bittersweet retirement news, the (now former) NFL star is catching buzz for another reason: his McDonald’s order.

The Philadelphia Eagles center was photographed while visiting his local Micky D’s earlier this week, where he gifted a drive-thru employee a personalized jersey and ordered his “go-to” breakfast.

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Sports reporter and fellow former NFL player Ross Tucker responded to the viral post, writing, “Guarantee he ordered a Sausage McMuffin with Egg because that’s the greatest sandwich of all time. 🤤.” Kelce himself was quick to confirm Tucker’s theory: “You f*cking know it. 2 sausage egg and cheese and a large coffee. Every time!”

Here’s the thing, though: it wasn’t just a lucky guess. Something about Kelce screams “Sausage McMuffin with Egg.” He’s an American icon (like the Sausage McMuffin), he’s built (like the Sausage McMuffin), and he’s oh so reliable (yep, you guessed it, like the Sausage McMuffin).

“The coffee was a given with the three girls,” Tucker added.

While Kelce’s McDonald’s order feels totally on brand for the star, the reason for his most recent visit is even more so. Read: he’s a total sweetie. According to a local outlet, Kelce brought the jersey—which was signed “To Danielle. Go Birds! Thank You!”—to McDonald’s employee Danielle Bonham, who has previously served him (the Sausage McGriddle with Egg, no doubt).

“I thanked him for everything he does for the community. He turned around thanked me for always being kind,” Bonham wrote on Facebook. “He said you’re one of the best people that works for this corporation. I almost cried.”

“I’m forever grateful and very fortunate to have crossed paths with him as many times as I did, and I just wish him nothing but the best,” she added in the post. Are you crying yet?? Because we are.

Kelce has become a fixture throughout Philly. After news of his retirement hit the headlines, locals spoke out about their hometown hero.

“He’s got his footprint all over this town. The flower shop over here, the Wawa, the Kettle down on the boulevard, I mean he’s all over St. Dennis fair with his kids,” said business owner Carl Henderson. “I’ve seen a lot of athletes come and go, but Jason’s a special dude.”

“He’ll open doors for older people, he’ll approach the kids and offer an autograph, he doesn’t hold back, he’s the kind of person you would hope for in terms of a customer,” the owner of Havertown Grille added.