Love is already in the air for

Valentine’s Day! Actually, scratch that. It’s more like Stanley cups are being flung into the air by the hoards of fans snatching up the brand’s newest tumblers.

The new Valentine’s Day tumblers are a limited-edition release with Target, and they’ve quickly garnered a cult following. Over the last few days, videos have surfaced online showing customers swarm displays of the bubblegum pink and cherry red Stanleys.

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One TikTok shows a crowd of customers running full speed towards a tower of Valentine’s Day Stanleys. Amid the frenzy, a woman wearing a cream sweatshirt can be seen taking a tumble as other fans race past her.

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Another video shows nearly two dozen shoppers grabbing at the cups from a display at Target. Hilariously, one man can be seen in the background cradling what appears to be four or more tumblers despite a sign that reads “2 Per Guest.”

If you’re surprised by the Stanley pandemonium, you’re not alone. A number of people in the comments of the TikTok expressed their confusion.

“I don’t get it,” one person wrote.

“Am I missing something? 😭is it everyone’s goals to collect as much colors as you can or? Like what happens with the other cups you have? Do they just retire every time you get a new cup?” another user asked.

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The Valentine’s Day Stanleys are only available at Target, but if you are extra eager to get your hands on one, resale sites like eBay are already filling up with the tumblers. Just be prepared to dish out up to $240 for one.