No, it’s not just you. Seems like there’s something peculiar going on with

Oreo cookies. According to many cookie enthusiasts, when you twist open an Oreo, you’re going to find far less creme than you use to.

Oreo diehards have taken their frustration to Reddit, specifically the Shrinkflation forum, where there’s no shortage of people lashing out against America’s most popular cookie.

In one Reddit thread, a user declared, “Not only have Oreos gotten thinner, now they retracted the creme diameter too.” Many people responded to the post, suggesting that the skimpy filling was worthy of a class action lawsuit.

“Looks like false advertising to me. Get a few friends together and start a class action,” said one person.


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There was at least one person who was able to look on the bright side.

“Just think of it this way: you didn’t get less filling, you got a lot more cookie!” they optimistically wrote.

The Oreo creme debacle even garnered the attention of The Wall Street Journal. The newspaper looked into the issue in a story published earlier this week. In the article, one dedicated fan tested a Double Stuf Oreo and immediately recognized the cookie as a regular Oreo based on the filling.

Despite fans’ claims, Mondelez, the makers of Oreo, have stated that the cookie-to-creme ratio has remained the same.

“We would be shooting ourselves in the foot if we would start to play around with the quality,” Mondelez CEO Dirk Van de Put told The Wall Street Journal.

Have you noticed that your Oreo creme is skimpier than it used to be?