No matter what time of day you prefer to eat a grain bowl, sometimes you just want to get it to the table a little quicker. And with today’s jam-packed schedules, we could all use a few time-saving hacks. That’s why Delish has teamed up with

Near East to bring you these tips for endlessly delicious bowls. With more than 20 different product offerings like rice pilaf, couscous, and long-grain rice, Near East products lend themselves to a wide selection of cuisines and dishes. Read on for our best tips, and have your next meal on the table before anyone can say, “Is dinner ready yet?”

Get A Head Start

While some grains take a long time to cook, Near East’s Heat & Eat line is quick and efficient—the Heat & Eat Long Grain & Wild Rice and Heat & Eat Original Rice Pilaf each microwave in 90 seconds. They’re also delicious and complement any meal well, so you’re able to enjoy both flavor and convenience. And both flavors are made without artificial preservatives or flavors (they’re also Non-GMO Project verified).

Precook To Prepare

Adding eggs to your grain bowl is an easy way to up the ante (and protein content) in your meal without adding significant expense. But they can take time—and extra pots and pans—to prepare. Streamline the process by cooking them in advance: Hard- or soft-boil eggs in batches, three or four at a time, and store them in a covered plastic container in the refrigerator. When you’re ready to eat, halve and season them lightly with salt and pepper and put them right on top of your favorite warm grains, like Near East’s Heat & Eat Long Grain & Wild Rice, couscous, or quinoa, along with other toppings. It’s a match made in heaven.

Add Some Crunch

Amplify your grain bowl with some crunchy and easy-to-prep raw vegetables. Near East’s Heat & Eat Long Grain & Wild Rice pairs well with thinly sliced cucumbers and carrots, which can be julienned in a food processor to save time. Or take the flavor of your Heat & Eat Original Rice Pilaf up a notch with diced raw bell pepper and a squeeze of lemon or lime for a hint of acid.

Go Nuts

A protein source that requires very little effort to make meal-ready, nuts can be the unheralded star of your grain bowl. Try chopped almonds or walnuts with Heat & Eat Original Rice Pilaf, and chopped cashews and peanuts with Heat & Eat Long Grain & Wild Rice for a delicious, savory bite.

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