The Kardashians are known for their over-the-top holiday festivities, so it should hardly come as a surprise that Kim’s latest Christmas stunt was just as elaborate. The Skims founder took to her Instagram yesterday to show off her latest set-up, which included filling her oversized bathtub with hot chocolate.

“I walked into my bathroom and what do I see here? The elves left a mess and made Charlie and the Chocolate Factory over here,” she narrated in the video. “The note in the kitchen said they couldn’t find the mugs, so the hot chocolate is in the bathtub.”

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Kardashian also left a mess of marshmallows, peppermint candy, and the word “elf” spelled out in chocolate kisses.

“This is crazy. This is literally Willy Wonka. Look at this. The whole tub is chocolate,” she added in the video, before adding that the elves were “wild.”

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Kim Kardashian/Instagram

And while the Elf on the Shelf stunt was clearly just a cute prank for her kiddos, the entire internet has other, ahem, thoughts.

“Kim K made her tub look like it was filled with hot chocolate as if her ‘elves’ did it but actually it just looks like a large trough of shit,” one follower wrote.

“This looks like a holiday sewage backup,” another joked.

“I’ll bet her cleaning people love that,” a third person chimed in.

While not *all* of the Kardashians elves on the shelves have found themselves floating in a tub of shit hot chocolate, the whole fam is participating in the trend. Khloe shared a snapshot of daughter True with their family elves, writing, “True wanted to have two elves this year. One for her and one for Tatum. Hers has earrings and Tatum’s doesn’t.”

Kourtney, meanwhile, celebrated “elf season” with an extensive sledding set-up that included tinfoil sleds. Kris Jenner even has her own elves. In fact, there are 13 personalized Elf on the Shelf dolls for each of the 13 grandchildren, including Kourt’s latest addition, Rocky Barker.