While you might think that

actress/singer/Food Network personality Selena Gomez wouldn’t need to live with roommates, you’d be wrong.

In an Instagram Q&A, the Selena + Chef host opened up about living with her Nana and Papa. “If it’s a random Tuesday night, I’m definitely eating something my grandma made, probably [from] the night before,” Gomez told PEOPLE. “I live with my grandparents so we’re always in the kitchen and we’re always cooking.”

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Thanks to her roomies-slash-grandparents, the Only Murders in the Building star isn’t much of a takeout girlie. “We always have leftovers so I’m pretty sure I won’t be ordering in, it’s got to be something from home.”

While answering rapid-fire questions in the video posted to Instagram, Gomez also shared that her favorite pizza toppings are mushrooms and jalapeños (it’s a tie) and she likes her eggs sunny side up.

As for coffee, she’s not a fan. “My go-to coffee order is Coca-Cola,” she joked. “I don’t really like coffee.” She’ll also “never” try anchovies again and “cannot eat rabbit.”

“It freaks me out and makes me feel like I’m doing something wrong,” she said of eating rabbit.

Selena’s four-part Food Network special, Selena + Chef: Home for the Holidays, kicked off on Thursday, November 30. Alex Guarnaschelli, Michael Symon, Claudette Zepeda, and Eric Adjepong will join Gomez for their own episodes, while her roomies a.k.a. her grandparents, best friend Raquelle Stevens, and little sister Gracie are all appearing in the special too.

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As for the menu? Gomez is whipping up roast beef and mashed potatoes with Guarnaschelli (plus, mozzarella sticks); steak and lobster with Symon; Christmas tamales with Zepeda; and shrimp and banana grits, as well as South African dish malva pudding with Adjepong.

“The holidays have always meant so much to me. It was an honor to have these amazing chefs in my kitchen to introduce some of their favorite foods and what makes the holidays special for them,” Gomez told Variety in October.