Taylor Swift was just named Time‘s 2023 Person of the Year, and this story from the photoshoot has us convinced that she couldn’t have been a more perfect pick.

In a repost of Taylor’s Instagram post unveiling her Person of the Year spread, photography duo Inez & Vinoodh shared that the singer brought a homemade pumpkin loaf with her to the Time photoshoot.

“Arrives in the studio with home baked pumpkin loaf- love you Taylor! Kisses,” they wrote in the Instagram caption.

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This hardly serves as the first time the Grammy Award-winning singer has been applauded for being hospitable and down to Earth. While speaking with People recently, the frontman of the band the National and frequent Taylor collaborator, Aaron Dessner, recalled her cooking several meals for guests when he stayed at her house.

pumpkin bread with a sugar toppingpinterest

“I’ve spent a lot of time with her, and I’ve never seen anyone wait on her. When I have stayed at her house, Taylor herself was cooking everyone breakfast and dinner. She’s legitimately just a very down to earth and hard-working person,” Dessner revealed.

People in the comments section of Inez & Vinoodh’s Instagram post have been requesting the recipe to the pumpkin loaf. “Drop the recipe tho,” one user demanded. And while Taylor likely won’t be revealing a recipe any time soon, we’ve got you covered!

If you prefer a pumpkin loaf that’s probably most like Taylor’s, then this Pumpkin Bread (topped with cinnamon sugar!) has your name on it. But if you want a more decadent option, you can’t go wrong with our Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread.