Costco customers are fed up once again. This time, their anger has nothing to do with the warehouse’s infamous membership policies and everything to do with a new sweet treat at the food court.

We never thought a cookie could summon anger among shoppers, but we’ve also never met Costco’s new Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie. Introduced to the food court a few weeks ago, the massive cookie has been met with everything from backlash about the price ($2.50 per cookie) to complaints about its high calorie count (750 calories!). Others are upset that the cookie replaced the food court’s beloved churros.

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One Reddit thread in particular is filled with hundreds of comments from people sounding off on the controversial cookie.

“They should price it at $1. Would be another happy hit like the hot dog,” said one person on Reddit.

“I’m starting to see the pattern here: a slew of new over-priced offerings intended to subsidize the $1.50 hot dog,” another user added.

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Sure, the Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie could burn a hole through your wallet, but how is it in the taste department? Well, on TikTok, the cookie has been met with pretty favorable reviews.

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TikToker @eatsbynat explained that if the cookie was a little bit more undercooked it’d be perfect. Despite the need for this minor tweak, she still declared it “a good cookie.”

The cookie didn’t go without some criticism, though. People in the comments of the video didn’t hesitate in sounding off about the Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie replacing the churros.

“Yeah but they took away the churro,” one person pointed out.

“THEY REPLACED CHURROS FOR THIS!?!?” another user chimed in.

Are you Team Churros or Team Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie?