Even though spicy sweet chili is the

best Doritos flavor of all time, there’s something classic and reliable about old-fashioned nacho cheese. It may not be the OG Dorito, but it’s been a staple since 1972—and for good reason.

Nacho cheese strikes the perfect balance of zesty and savory. And when we’re not eating them straight out of the bag, we’re upgrading a classic taco salad or treating ourselves to a Taco Bell Doritos Locos taco.

If you love infusing Doritos into your life as much as we do, you might appreciate the newest addition to the nacho cheese universe: liquor. Denmark-based spirits brand Empirical, which is known for their innovative and experimental flavor combinations, is collaborating with Doritos to launch Empirical x Doritos Nacho Cheese Spirit.


Not only does this liquor taste like nacho cheese Doritos, it’s actually made with the chips themselves. Empirical uses vacuum distillation to infuse the spirit with the cheesy flavor of real Doritos. You can also pick up notes of toasted corn, umami, and a hint of acidity in every sip.

What kind of liquor is it? Like the rest of the beverages in Empirical’s lineup, this product is an “uncategorized spirit.” The CEO and Chef/Distiller of the company, Lars Williams, says that this generalization allows Empirical “the freedom to experiment with really interesting flavors and not have to be stuck in a gin box or tequila box or whiskey box.”

Despite the distinctive flavor of Empirical’s new Doritos spirit, you also have a lot of freedom with cocktail mixing. Their team recommends using the liquor in a margarita, Bloody Mary, or even an Old Fashioned. Or if you want to experience the Doritos flavor in its purest form, you can also enjoy this beverage neat or over ice.

Empirical x Doritos Nacho Cheese Spirit will be available online and in select markets in New York and California starting next month for $65 a bottle. To ensure that you get your hands on this limited edition spirit, you can also pre-order a bottle at doritos.x.empirical.co as early as December 13.

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