21 Food-Scented Candles That Smell Good Enough To Eat

The smell of our favorite foods can spark joy and conjure up sweet memories. One whiff of

pumpkin pie can recall images of baking holiday recipes with family, and the sugary-sweet scent of confetti cake brings you all the way back to your 16th birthday. That’s why we rounded up the 21 best food-scented candles—they’re like nostalgia in a vessel. And who knows, maybe they’ll even help you create some new memories this holiday season.

Our list includes plenty of cozy fall-themed options, like classic Christmas cookie and hot cocoa-inspired scents, but we also found some more unexpected yet equally delightful aromas. We’re talking bacon- and pickle-scented candles that make great gag gifts or gift for foodies. Or, does your giftee love a good cocktail? We found some delicious alcohol-themed candles, too.