It wasn’t just the

Kansas City Chiefs offense that was explosive on Saturday. Apparently, the beers were too.

During the playoff game, a number of fans posted video and photos of beer that exploded due to the frigid temps. It turns out that cans of Coors Light and bottles of Michelob Ultra are simply no match against below-zero temperatures.

In a compilation video shared by @nflmemes_tiktok, you can see that most of the beers exploded from the top, regardless of if the beer was in a can, cup, or bottle. One photo included a caption that read, “Imagine spending $20 on a beer at the game only for it to end up like this five minutes later…”

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Fans in the comments of the video questioned why the beers were even given time to freeze.

“Drink it…don’t babysit it,” said one person.

“Y’all ain’t drinking fast enough,” another user added.

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In another video, a Miami Dolphins fan can be seen attempting to take a bite (yes, a bite) out of his frozen beer before his friend suggests that they “get the f**k outta here.” Wiser words have never been spoken.

Fans on TikTok were calling it a “liquor game,” because only spirits wouldn’t freeze in the arctic temps. Even water didn’t stand a chance against the historic game day lows.

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With the temperature at kickoff at Arrowhead Stadium coming in at a bone rattling negative four degrees (wind chill of negative 27 degrees), Kansas City’s January 13 game against the Miami Dolphins was the coldest on record for the team. And according to reports, well over a dozen people had to be hospitalized following the game due to hypothermia, frostbite, and other concerns.