Best TJ’s Copycat Peach Salsa Recipe

Trader Joe’s does a lot of things well, but sometimes I question them on their decision-making skills. Their smoky peach salsa was one of my favorite store-bought salsas, and they sadly discontinued it. Luckily, a copycat recipe is our forte. It turns out a homemade version is too easy to make, and is even better than the jarred version. The spicy smoky adobo sauce is balanced out by the sweet juicy peaches. Everything in this salsa is so fresh tasting with a perfect slight crunch from the red onions. Serve this alongside a classic salsa and guacamole for a perfect warm-weather appetizer.

While this is a classic (and easy!) summer appetizer, you can serve this salsa with more than just chips. Pile it on top of grilled chicken breasts, fish tacos, or oven-baked salmon.

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