We’re not quite sure what it is about

coffee shops that makes them attract bizarre behavior. Maybe it’s all the caffeinated drinks or the John Mayer playing softly in the background. Whatever it may be, the latest coffee shop fiasco might just take the cake—or more appropriately, the wedding cake—when it comes to oddball antics.

The Indianapolis TV station WISH-TV reports that Mansion Society, a local coffee shop, was left baffled when a couple decided to hold their wedding ceremony there on New Year’s Eve without asking for permission.

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Despite being a pop-up wedding, there was a full bridal party, groomsmen, wedding officiant, photographers, and patrons. Video on social media shows the beaming couple in the corner of the coffee shop as guests snap photos from their phones.

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In a series of posts uploaded to Instagram, Mansion Society let it be known that the coffee shop had “zero knowledge” of the wedding, which caused mayhem in both their cafe and parking lot. Ironically, the shop is available for weddings and other private events for a fee (the couple did not dish over any money initially).

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Mansion Society is now demanding that the newlywed couple pay up. They were offered a $200 donation from the bride, but have now requested that the couple pay their full weekend rental fee of $500.

Unsurprisingly, people on social media are eating up the coffee shop wedding drama. One commenter even suggested that the entire ordeal be turned into a series.

“I’m now totally obsessed with this and have spent the last hour reading all the comments and replies, I am shocked that this happened….we need a full investigation and possible Netflix mini series,” they wrote.

We know we’ll be tuning in!