Corned Beef & Cabbage Sliders

Corned beef isn’t just a St. Patrick’s Day staple—it’s also an important part of American history. If you didn’t know, corned beef isn’t something that you’d typically find in Ireland. It actually came about when Irish immigrants to the United States opted for the more affordabe beef brisket as a substitute for bacon. And rather than boiling, as is tradition on the other side of the pond, Irish-Americans borrowed from their fellow immigrants from eastern Europe to brine the brisket. Now, the salty and savory meat plays an integral part every March.

One of the most classic pairings for corned beef is cabbage. So in honor of this iconic St. Patrick’s day duo, these corned beef sliders pack all of those festive flavors into a bite-size package. These sliders are easy to prepare and perfect for sharing at any St. Paddy’s day gathering.

The base of these sliders is a package of Hawaiian rolls. While they don’t exactly scream “Ireland,” their soft, pillowy sweetness pairs perfectly with the sharp briny flavors of the filling. Rather than using boiled cabbage, this recipe leans on store-bought sauerkraut to provide a burst of bright acidity. But to take the kraut to the next level, we add in some sliced and sautéed onions.

As if that wasn’t enough, we also add in some grainy mustard and Swiss cheese. And after a short stint in the oven to warm through, these sliders will transform into the star of your next party. But the best part? You can easily assemble these sandwiches up to a day ahead of time, then pop it in the oven when you’re ready to serve.

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