Sushi Bowls

Not ready to make your own

California roll or shrimp tempura roll at home quite yet but craving all of the classic sushi flavors? A homemade sushi bowl is a great place to start. You can practice making restaurant-worthy sushi rice, source best-quality fish, and discover what ingredients, flavors, and textures make your perfect sushi bowl. Beyond a bed of just-warm sushi rice, here are the must-haves for our sushi bowl:

The fish:
At Delish, we love thin slices of best-quality salmon or tuna (or both!) on our sushi bowls. While fish can be labeled sushi- or sashimi-grade, these terms are just a way to identify very high-quality fish that can safely be eaten raw. Because the labels are not legally defined, it’s imperative to buy the fish from a reputable fish market and keep it refrigerated until just before serving. Unsure about eating raw fish? Smoked salmon, cooked and cooled shrimp, baked tofu, or shelled edamame are equally delicious sushi bowl toppers.

The nori:
An edible seaweed that is dried into flat sheets, briny nori is an integral part of sushi rolls. There are a few ways to add this seaweed to a sushi bowl. First, crumble or thinly slice a large sheet of nori or a few smaller seaweed snack sheets, then sprinkle over top of the bowl. Second, serve seaweed snacks on the side, adding a little rice, fish, and veggies to one sheet at a time to make small sushi bites. Dipping in soy sauce or spicy mayo is very much encouraged!

The veggies:
Inspired by some of our favorite sushi rolls, creamy avocado slices and juicy cucumbers add color, flavor, and texture to this bowl, while thinly sliced radishes add crunch. You can customize your bowl with a wide variety of veggies: Carrot ribbons, sautéed spinach, thinly sliced scallions, or steamed asparagus would all be delicious here.

The sauces:
To finish the sushi bowl, we like a drizzle of soy sauce, a nod to the usual sushi dip, and a generous drizzle of sriracha mayo, which gives us spicy tuna roll vibes. To finish the bowl, we add a tangle of pickled ginger for a sweet and tangy crunch and a shower of toasted sesame seeds to add a nutty flavor. A little wasabi paste or pickled daikon radish would be great too.

Tried making your own sushi bowl? Let us know what you added in the comments below!