If your sweet tooth is tried of all the

seasonal pies, cakes, and other holiday treats, you’re in luck because the Costco bakery just rolled out an item customers are already raving about. That bakery item is the Banana Nut Bread, and it’s absolutely massive.

Laura of @costcohotfinds shared video of the two-pound behemoth and noted that she nearly dropped the loaf of bread because of its heft. She also added that the Banana Nut Bread is “not overly sweet and really does taste homemade.” Sounds like our kind of dessert.

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The video’s comments section is filled with people expressing their excitement over the treat.

“I bought it last weekend and it was gone in my house within a day. It was so good! Apparently my boys thought so too lol,” said one Instagram user.

“It’s soooooooo good,” another added.

A number of shoppers shared tips on how to add a little razzle dazzle to the Banana Nut Bread. There was one suggestion to air fry the bread, and several others about adding butter or cream cheese to it.

“Super good warmed with cream cheese,” read one comment.

“Gotta put some butter on it!” another person shared.

And at just $6.99 for the two-pound loaf, the Banana Nut Bread also received a bit of applause for its modest price tag.

“Oooh, it’s priced right too,” said one person.

Lastly, when you’re trying to decide if you want to add one or two loaves to your cart, keep in mind that the Banana Nut Bread is freezer-friendly.