If you’re taking the

Martha Stewart route this year and plan to skip cooking a massive Thanksgiving dinner, Costco just made your life a whole lot easier. The warehouse is selling a pre-made Thanksgiving dinner meal kit that’s perfect for a small gathering of about seven to eight people.

Costco previously sold a huge frozen Thanksgiving dinner kit that included a five-pound turkey breast, ample sides, and even dessert through its website (via delivery). Thankfully for any last-minute folks out there, their fresh meal kit can be purchased directly from their warehouse.

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In a video uploaded by @costcohotfinds last week, she rattled off all of the dishes you can expect to find in the meal kit: half a turkey breast, Yukon gold mashed potatoes, herb stuffing, cranberry sauce, green beans, and gravy. (You’re on your own with dessert!)

The pre-made dinner costs $3.99 per pound, and in the video you can see that at least one of the meal kits has a price tag of $36.19.

Although the Thanksgiving dinner kit has received some praise for its convenience, others are a bit skeptical about it feeding up to eight people.

“It doesn’t look like enough food for 7-8 people, is that accurate? Has anyone had this?” one person asked.

“That does not feed 7 to 8. I saw that at Costco yesterday. It would only feed two,” another chimed in.

One commenter who did purchase the meal kit, confirmed that it is pretty sizable. They even hinted at there being some potential for leftovers.

“I just got this and it’s pretty huge and it’s worth the price. It’s a lot of food, you could always freeze it,” they said.