Now that yet another

bizarre McFlurry hack has gone viral, we’re starting to think that when those ice cream machines at McDonald’s mysteriously break down, it might be their way of saving us from ourselves.

The latest Mickey D’s monstrosity to grace social media comes courtesy of Detroit Lions star Jameson Williams. Earlier this week, Williams posted a photo on his Instagram Stories of a double cheeseburger topped with ketchup, mustard, pickles, and a dollop of Oreo McFlurry. Yes, you read that right.

You would have thought the Oreo McFlurry was a layer of Duke’s mayo given how confidently it was placed on top of the burger patty.

On X (formerly known as Twitter), people have immediately demanded jail time, or at least a trade, for the NFL star.

“Aight man lock him up now,” said one user.

“Up until this point I’ve enjoyed his hard work getting back into the fold. With that said, trade him now,” another added.

Given that the Hash Brown McFlurry Sandwich was one of the latest menu hacks to go viral, some people have attempted to defend Williams using the sweet and savory defense.

“Sweet and salty goes together. Same reason why people dip fries in milkshakes or will use a donut for a bun. Chocolate covered bacon is a thing and it’s not like dairy products on a burger is a new concept,” one person shared.

Another user unfortunately reminded us of that one time Tennessee Titans quarterback Will Levis revealed to the world that he puts mayonnaise in his coffee. The former University of Kentucky star also eats bananas without peeling them.

“Still not as bad as Will Levis putting mayo in his coffee,” they wrote.

Now that we think about it, someone sign Levis and Williams up for a reboot of Bizarre Foods ASAP.