Just a few days after

TikTok influencer Keith Lee arrived in the Bay Area for his food tour, his visit to the region has come to a sudden end. The social media star addressed the abrupt cancellation in a video uploaded to TikTok that details the reasons why he chose to suddenly cancel the tour.

Before providing a bit of background info, he offered his thanks to all the residents of the Bay Area who showed him and his family love. You can watch his full announcement here:

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“Unfortunately, the Bay Area stop on the Keith Lee and family food tour is officially over prematurely…I truly want to say from the bottom of my heart, I appreciate every single bit of love. The people of the Bay were absolutely amazing, And I’ll never forget the hospitality and the love that y’all showed me,” Keith Lee said in the video.

One of the reasons Keith Lee cited was safety, explaining to fans that he truly doesn’t believe the Bay is “a place for tourists right now.”

“The people of the Bay are just focused on surviving,” he added. “The amount of tents and living structures and burnt-out cars that we saw people living in was shocking to say the least.” As has been widely reported, the Bay Area’s reputation has dipped in the past few years due to high rates of crime and homelessness, among other issues.

The TikToker, who is allergic to shellfish, was also hospitalized during the tour due to an allergic reaction that he said was caused by food he was served at one of the stops.

His video announcing the tour has been met with over 10,000 comments and plenty of mixed feelings. Some people commended Keith Lee for putting safety first, while others questioned why he didn’t explore other parts of the Bay Area.

“Not even mad at this. When the vibe is off….. just roll out,” said one person on TikTok.

“There’s more spots then just Oakland and sf, mom and pops shops that needed exposure outside of our two major cities :(,” another user commented.

Well, we’ve got our fingers crossed for his next food tour stop.