Get To Know Our Favorite Cream Cheese

Equal parts nostalgic and of-the-moment, Philadelphia Cream Cheese established itself as the gold standard for cream cheese when it invented the first batch of the stuff back in 1872. You heard us—inventedit.

But even if the brand weren’t a pioneer, we’d still trust only Philly as the official cream cheese of Delish. The brand is an innovator, consistently raising the bar on the standard for cream cheese. The taste, the texture, the legacy—when we find a brand we trust to get it right every time, we yell it from the rooftops. So read on for just a few of the details on why we turn to Philly for all our cream-cheesy needs.

Taste & Texture

We develop recipes with Philly because of its always-reliable flavor and texture. Silky, smooth, creamy, delicious—every taste of Philadelphia is a top-notch experience, thanks to the fresh milk and real cream inside every package. It melts into our favorite cream-cheesy dishes without clumping or causing sauces to break (this Jalapeño-Popper Chicken Chili is evidence of that), and there’s just something about that signature tang that always leaves us wanting more.

Elevate Anything

From the latest trending recipes to your beloved daily bagel, Philly transforms even an average bite into a flavorful, sensorial experience. Just take this New York Bagel Salad—we took a basic breakfast classic and spun it into an anytime salad for the ages, made extra-special with Philly Cream Cheese dressing and crispy bagel croutons. Need another example? This Baked Pumpkin, Sage, and Cream Cheese Pasta transforms an internet-famous method into a cozy, wow-worthy fall favorite.

Did you know that Philly’s first batch of cream cheese wasn’t even made in Philadelphia? Though the cream cheese was initially mixed up in New York, Philadelphia was named for the American city that, in 1880, was most famous for its high-quality food exports.

Always Real, Never Artificial

Philly understands that regardless of its storied history, to stay on top of the cream-cheese game, it has to use only top-tier ingredients. Accordingly, the brand sources fresh fruits and vegetables for your favorite flavored varieties, and you’ll never find artificial preservatives, flavors, or dyes in any of your favorite Philadelphia products.

Five Ingredients, Endless Flavor

Believe it or not, Philadelphia Original Cream Cheese gets that iconic creamy tang from a handful of ingredients: Fresh milk and real cream, sourced from dairy farms in central Wisconsin and upstate New York, salt, cheese culture, and carob-bean gum (a fibrous natural thickener). Fun fact: Philly takes its ingredients from farm to fridge in just six days!

Philadelphia Original Cream Cheese

Cream Cheese

Philadelphia Original Cream Cheese