Grilled Persian Chicken

When it comes to marinades,

yogurt-based sauces are pretty classic. Proteins are tenderized without becoming tough, even after longer marinating times. When the meat is cooked, the remaining yogurt caramelizes and creates a prize-worthy crust. In short, we’re big fans. We’ve marinated lamb chops in a spiced mix of yogurt, citrus, fresh herbs, and more. We slathered a cumin- and coriander-spiced yogurt marinade on tandoori-inspired chicken legs. Up next? Persian-spiced grilled chicken with tomatoes and lemons, served with tons of fresh herbs over fluffy jasmine rice. This dish has flavors and textures for days. Here’s what we do to make it:

The yogurt & spices:
Plain whole-milk yogurt is seasoned with turmeric, cinnamon, cumin, coriander, cloves, and cayenne pepper. Fresh lime zest or ground sumac stands in for the dried lime common in Persian cooking, although it isn’t a perfect substitute. Season generously with salt and pepper, and it’s ready to go.

The chicken:
We like bone-in, skin-on chicken pieces here for maximum juiciness and all that crispy skin. If you use boneless pieces, the cooking time will be shorter. Want to mix up the protein here? Both beef and lamb would be great here too.

The fixings:
Grilled grape tomatoes and lemon wedges add a welcome punch of acidity. Fresh parsley, mint, and cilantro and a lot of fluffy jasmine rice make this a complete, hearty meal.

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