Here’s When McDonald’s Closes, In Case You Want A Late-Night Big Mac

Whether you’re in need of a midnight McFlurry or a BigMac to soak up a few too many cocktails, good old McDonald’s is always a go-to. And nothing beats those French fries. We know when McDonald’s starts serving lunch, but when does the chain close at night?

Well, it’s not so straightforward. There are thousands of McDonald’s locations across the U.S., many of which are individually owned and operated. According to McDonald’s USA, operating hours are determined by individual restaurants, so they’ll vary by location. The best thing to do us is to use the store locator, which will give you the restaurant and drive-thru hours.

And just because your store might be closed, if it has a drive-thru, be sure to check those hours because they often stay open later. This also means you might be able to get delivery after the location closes its doors.

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