All it takes is a

Starbucks cookie to create the holiday season’s most adorable trend. The latest big thing taking over TikTok is the Starbucks snowman cookie photo, and the best part is it’s super easy to recreate! Perfect for anyone with young children, the photo uses various tricks to make an image that gives your child a snowman body.

If that sounds a bit complex, TikTok user @lovethelunas provided a step-by-step tutorial for those who’d like their own Starbuck snowman cookie baby photo. The tutorial is specifically for users with iPhones, but according to several comments the photo can also be recreated using a Samsung phone.

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First up, you’re going to need a snowman cookie from Starbucks. Then you’ll need to either break off the head of the snowman or nibble it off (we obviously prefer the latter). Just make sure your break occurs above the scarf.

Now that your snowman is ready, you’re going to take a photo of the snowman in your hand. You’ll then take a separate photo of your child looking at you. Then comes the fun part.

“With iPhones you can copy objects over, so I copied just my hand and the cookie. And then moved it over to Instagram Stories and layered up the photos like I’m doing here,” @lovethelunas explained.

Lastly, you’ll want to save the photo and lighten it up using Adobe Lightroom (or a similar app) if it’s too dark.

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We have to say that this is a pretty great reason to make that Starbucks run you’ve been holding off on.