Hunter Fieri has long been a fixture of his dad’s Food Network shows, including Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, and is a burgeoning chef and restauranteur in his own right.

And while the eldest Fieri son may be on track to take over Guy’s Flavortown empire and mayoral duties, that doesn’t mean there isn’t stress to live up to his famous father’s infamous on-air one-liners.

“He has all these one-liners, I feel like I have to stop myself from using some of those… I have to make up my own stuff now,” he told PEOPLE. And he admitted he feels the “pressure” to keep up with his dad.

When asked about his “favorite” one-liner from Guy, Hunter said that it’s “like asking me to pick my favorite song … you know when you’re trying to think about one line, and then you can’t because there are so many others?”

He went on to say that “I’d put that on a flip-flop” is one of his dad’s funniest quotes. “Who says that?!” he joked, before adding that the “random” compliments actually do “come naturally to him” because that’s how he was “raised.”

Other potential one-liners would be: “Funkalicious,” “Just legendary,” “Out of bounds,” “Killer,” “Gettin freaky with your tzatziki,” “Slamma jamma I love that lamb-a,” “So much salami, call my mommy” and “It’s time to face-a the cabeza.”

Just earlier this month, Guy Fieri took to Instagram to congratulate Hunter on a non-television related accomplishment: his recent engagement to new fiancé, Tara Bernstein. “You two are made for each other,” the Food Network star wrote on Instagram. “Welcome to the family, Tara.” Hunter and Tara both chimed in with their thanks, commenting, “Love you so much dad” and “Grateful for our families.”

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“We both knew that we were going to marry each other. We just knew and we were just waiting for the timing of when I could do it,” Hunter told the outlet, before admitting that he popped the question over Thanksgiving because it was “the only time” he could propose amid their busy schedules. It took place in the Fieri’s backyard with 40 or so friends and family in attendance.

“It was definitely an emotional moment,” Tara said. “I was in tears after… It was just really, really beautiful.”