McDonald’s has dominated the fast food game since its debut in 1940, and now the company is setting its sights on new terrain: the beverage space. CEO Chris Kempczinsk announced plans for its spinoff restaurant, CosMc’s, during its investor day on December 6.

Though there have been whispers about the retro-inspired venture for months now, this is the first time McDonald’s has released real details about what we can expect of CosMc’s. The first pilot location, which is located in Bolingbrook, Illinois, will finally open in December with plans for further expansion in Dallas-Fort Worth and San Antonio, Texas, slated for 2024.

“CosMc’s seamlessly blends brand-new, otherworldly beverage creations with a small lineup of food, including a select few McDonald’s favorites—all designed to boost your mood into the stratosphere, if only for a few moments,” McDonald’s said in a statement.

courtesy of mcdonald’s

CosMc’s menu, which is “rooted in beverage exploration with bold and unexpected flavor combinations,” will feature specialty drinks to rival Starbucks. Think: a Churro Frappe, S’mores Cold Brew, Popping Pear Slush, Turmeric Latte, and an entire lineup of lemonade drinks. Customers can add fruity boba, flavor syrups, energy shots, and more too.

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courtesy of mcdonald’s

The drinks will be featured alongside a smaller menu of food offerings, including the Egg McMuffin from the “McDonald’s universe,” a Creamy Avocado Tomatillo Sandwich, Spicy Queso Sandwich, McPops, and Pretzel Bites.

“This is a $100bn category that’s growing faster than the rest of [casual dining] and with superior margins. And it’s a space that we believe we have the right to win,” Kempczinsk said, adding that their goal with CosMc’s is to “solve the 3 pm slump by lifting humans up with every sip.”

The new concept was actually inspired by the part-space alien, part-robot McDonald’s character named CosMc that the chain introduced in the late 1980s.

Given its futuristic theme, CosMc’s will lean into a “seamless digital and Drive Thru experience” that allows customers “take a break from earthly stressors and use the dynamic menu boards and cashless payment devices.”