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Grimace for two things: being a mysterious, lovable purple blob and stirring up controversy. And now McDonald’s purple mascot is shaking things up once again. Months after McDonald’s unveiled their flavor-shifting, TikTok-viral Grimace shake, the restaurant is releasing yet another limited-edition, Grimace-inspired item, and fans have a lot to say about it.

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According to @snackolator, an Instagram account that shares food news, McDonald’s will be releasing a Grimace-themed ugly sweater for the holidays. The fully knitted sweater will reportedly be available for purchase for $65 on GoldenArchesUnlimited.com in the near future.

There’s currently no release date, but you might want to keep a close eye out over the next few days if you want to snag an ugly sweater.

Speaking of “ugly sweater,” there are a handful of people on social media who believe that such a phrase is offensive for the bubbly purple character.

“This is not an ugly sweater, it’s the cutest sweater I’ve seen and I need it,” said one person.

“Fym ugly!!!! I’m buying this for everyone I know,” another fan wrote.

Regardless of where the piece of clothing stands on the ugly sweater hierarchy, it’s sure to fly like hot cakes when it is released.

“Shut up and take my money,” said one person.

One particularly savvy user made note of just how epic the combo of the Grimace ugly sweater and Grimace Crocs would be.

“If I could get this sweater and the Crocs my life would be complete,” they said.

Lastly, some people are less than impressed at the sweater’s $65 price tag.

“Way too expensive at $65. I’m really surprised anyone would want it after seeing that price,” said one person.

Will you be adding the Grimace ugly sweater to your holiday wishlist?