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chicken nuggets, but they aren’t always the most festive snack when it comes to holiday entertaining. I mean, nothing says “bah humbug” quite like dozens of chicken nuggets scattered about on that silver platter you’ve had for a decade.

Well, leave it to social media to gift us with a genius holiday centerpiece that’ll truly elevate your nugget presentation.

In a video that has gone viral on Instagram, digital creator Mackenzie Biehl showed users a quick and easy way to create a Christmas tree using Chick-fil-A nuggets, kale, a styrofoam cone, parchment paper, and toothpicks. Don’t worry, the kale is solely there for decorative purposes.

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To create your edible Christmas tree, you’ll need to wrap a styrofoam cone with parchment paper. Then you’ll then wrap kale around the tree and pin the kale down using toothpicks. From there, place your chicken nuggets onto the tree with the extra toothpicks. Lastly, you’ll want to add a star on top and surround your tree with lots of sauces for dipping.

Overall, people on social media are pretty impressed with the “adorable and delicious” Chick-fil-A nugget tree.

“That is very clever!” said one person. Another user commented on how great the project would be for children, writing “So cool my kids would love this.”

There were some concerns though about the handling of the nuggets and the potential for them getting cold quickly.

“This is really cute! But, the chicken will be cold,” one user wrote.

“But then the nuggets get so handled,” another added.

Honestly, we think we’re willing to deal with cold nuggets for such a cute holiday centerpiece.