Call it a hot take but I get tired of holiday

leftovers really quickly. There are only so many plates of reheated ham and potatoes a person can truly enjoy! It’s for this reason I sit here wondering what other options may be out there for dinners on Christmas Eve and Christmas. Will there be pizza joints open for all of my late-night cravings? Could it be so? If you’re wondering the same thing, you likely want to know if Pizza Hut is open on either of these days. Here’s the rundown.

You can expect your closest Pizza Hut to be open on Christmas Eve, but your location will likely have reduced hours. Hours will likely be limited and may vary by store.

On December 25, Pizza Hut will be closed across the vast majority of its system. So if you’re looking for your Pizza Hut fix on Christmas Day, go ahead and order some the evening before for safe keeping and heat it up the next day. You can also check out our collection of homemade pizza recipes.

After Christmas Day, Pizza Hut will open up as usual on December 26, so if you have any post-gift-opening returns to make at the mall or errands to run, go ahead and stop by for a slice of pizza, wings, breadsticks, or whatever your heart desires. Most locations will also be open on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.